Committees & Leadership

The committees are led by a steering committee of founding stakeholder members. Each committee is tasked with developing a work plan to address key tasks to support the NG 911 Testing Program. The committees will provide recommendations to the steering committee. The recommendations will be used to develop the NG 911 Testing Program.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of one representative from each of the Founding Members. The Chair of the Steering Committee shall be selected by a majority vote of the committee.

Budge Currier, Chair
Al Brisard

Brandon Abley
Walt Magnussen Jr.
Steve McMurrer
Brian Tegtmeyer

Governance Committee

Develop governance framework, review existing governance structures, and ensure process conforms to DHS S&T requirements.

Don Brittingham, Chair

Technical Committee

Develop scripts, testing protocols, and testing process.

Jason Horning, Chair

Financial Committee

Define funding model including the initial startup and suitability framework.

Phil Rotheram, Chair

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Founding Members

The Task Force is driven by its stakeholders. Our founding members are actively involved in day-to-day operations and decisions. Those organizations are:

Representatives from these agencies and others make up our Committees.