The second summit

On March 3, the NG9-1-1 Interoperability Task Force met in Washington D.C. to discuss where the group is now and what they’re hoping to achieve. They outlined the goals for 2023:

  • Model and test the environment where vendors could remotely test on some group of meaningful conformance tests

  • Model for ongoing Costs to support a scalable testing framework.

  • Complete and prioritize all use/test cases for meaningful Conformance Testing Program

  • Create the Governance Model

  • Create to process and tools to be able to Process a meaningful set of conformance tests : “create to open source to validate to certify”
  • Document all associated processes required to process from start to finish.
  • Secure more Funding

Each committee gave a full report of their activities and outlined any needs or concerns moving forward, as well as reviewed their work plans.

A full summit agenda, presentations, and summary notes are available here.

At the summit, the next summit was planned and announced: June 22, 2023 surround the Annual NENA Conference.